Here there were Dragons.

Toox's Letter 2


After heeding Paul Drakesong’s request to find Blackwatch Keep, we hired Lana, a half-orc woman who is familiar with traversing the Grey Peak Mountains. We encountered a white dragon in the mountains, and with the help of my fellow travelers, we defeated it. No one has seen a white dragon in centuries. Too bad there wasn’t a photo op, but I did manage to drive my dagger through its skull to deal the final blow. I kept its tooth, too, which I hang about my neck. Its magical…but I have no clue what it does.

From the dragon’s cave we travelled to the Blackwatch Keep where we met Cornmir Shorehaven. This Dwarven lord initiated us into the Sentinels of Blackwatch Keep. As official brethren, we have taken on an existing member of the order, Lark, an Eladrin warlock. We now proceed to finish what Paul has failed to do. Paul’s “charge” is missing and we’re in Westgate—our lead from the Treetower Guild’s map—to search for clues. We have 6 days to return our lost one to the Neverwinter Forest where a ritual is to be performed. This ritual is vital for the link between the Dragon world and ours. If we lose the link—dragons may return to plague our world, or may be lost forever. No, unfortunately if the link closed the Dragonborn would remain among us instead of being sucked into a wormhole that would teleport them to the Dragon World where they would find themselves on a pile of bones they call Grandpa’s “livingroom.”But I digress.

In Westgate, I’ve met the ‘fabulously dressed’ Deeno Sihands; the owner of the ‘classy’ Coral Thrown in the Docks District. He generously offered to buy me an expensive dagger…! He’s a friend of Shorehaven, and he has warned me of the Fox Guild—a circus troupe posing as a thieves guild. These pathetic pickpockets tried to ambush me, but it felt more like a test. Surely I’ll see them again.

Soon thereafter I reunited with my ‘friends’ at the Bardrock Cafe, where Olaf asked me to wingman for him at a local gay(?) club called “Pineapple Square,” where he was going to meet up with Oreo Casmir—a smokin’ man we had encountered at Thundertree. He is in league with our long-time enemy Tristian Bell—a.k.a.—Tinkerbell. Thus far, Tinkerbell owes us a chest with 300 gp, 1150 gp in rewards from Lord Katekim, and his f-ugly Dragonborn lizard head on a pike—but I’m not bitter. After Olaf failed to strangle his “date” a brawl ensued where I managed to slice, dice and juilenne Oreo’s buddy, Camille. Now that the main course is over, though, its time for dessert. I just hope Oreo has something useful to say. After all, no body likes burnt cookies.


Toox's Letter 1
By Toox


We have been commissioned by Lord Katekim to clear the bandits from Neverwinter forest and to return any treasure with the royal emblem of Thundertree and the heads of the bandits that have been pillaging the trade routes into the city. On our quest to clear the bandits, we come across a small camp where we clear the bandits, except for one, who ran off into the forest. We find a chest with the royal emblem, some gold and parts of a missing carriage. We turn to investigate where the bandits may have gone by following tracks leading away from the pillaged carriage. Trekking through the forest we come across the Treetower Guild; a group of bandits lead by a half-ogre, Zetch, wielding a giant axe and his second-in-command, a mage with a knack for producing a violent thunderclap. After whirlwind of events including, my botched grifting operation followed by my acceptance into the guild and the charge lead by the Col. Leo into the main hall from second floor, our group finally managed to defeat the guild. We collected gold, and some seemingly-amazing armor. The destroyed map in the main hall shows strange markings on some of cities in Faerun, but we’re only able to make out one of them; Westgate. We also found a prisoner in the dungeon of the tower. The prisoner has been tortured by the guild and was part of the caravan taking a chest with the emblem. He is concerned that he won’t make it, so he was entrusted us with a mission: to send word of his failure.


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