One shady dude.


Class: Scoundrel Rogue
Race: Changeling
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Weapon: Dagger

Personality: A darker, more bitter version of Aladdin. Hold true to his principles. Ambitious. Impetuousness gets him into trouble but his charm and changeling ability usually rescues him. He believes is order, structure, and hierarchy. He wants what is best for himself and the ones he holds dear (not what is best for “the greater good”).


Brief History: He was born in Waterdeep where his family ran The Mermaid in the Sea Ward district; a day spa for the local nobility and the occasional wealthy traveler. One night, from the sewers, the gates, and fallen barricades, a swarm of hobgoblins raided the city. Half the city was left in ashes, and he lost everything. Shortly there after he joined the war effort, trained as a spy and served as the intelligence officer of the brigade led by Col. Leonidas.

Personal goal(s): He vows to find the dark creature that lead the attack on the city and kill it. Make enough money on quests to rebuild the family business.

Relationship to Col. Leonidas: Although Toox respects Leo’s final word (for the most part), he appreciates the colonel’s consideration of what he feels is important, often balancing the “heroic” decisions of the colonel with a more pragmatic option.

Relationship to Mathias: Mutual admiration for wealth draws Toox to Mathias. He sees him as a friend and a colleague. Toox realizes that without Mathias, life on the battlefield would be hard.

Relationship to Olaf: Barbarianism counters core beliefs held by Toox, which often leads to disagreement between him and his good-natured friend, Olaf. Toox and Olaf fight well side-by-side. One startling the enemy with a crippling stab, while other ending him with terrifying force.


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