Olaf B.


An unusual barbarian.


Olaf Bludbaph was born in one of the Barbarian tribes in the temperate regions, a breed of warriors surviving by constantly invading and pillaging each other’s territories. Despite of his origins, he craved for knowledge. Olaf dreamed to follow one of the rare educated travellers visiting his village and become a scholar. Unfortunately, Humanities were not kept in high consideration in his culture…
He was eventually forced to take the Way of the Sword, and used his profound resentment to achieve excellence with it. Disgusted by the use his tribe would make of their abilities, he repudiated his own clan and left. He dedicated his life to hone his martial arts skills and help people in need along the way. He got his own banner in a village he stopped by for some time, in order to learn from the local sword master. One day, the village was invaded and the few defenders couldn’t do much to save it. It was the beginning of the War.
Leonidas and his group arrived the next day, and found half dead Olaf under a pile of bodies. Their army was not ready to fight back yet. They had orders to fortify the position and wait for reinforces. This gave Olaf time to heal, and eventually to join the soldiers.
He learnt to know his fellows and trust them, to the point to call them friends.
Fighting Style: committed to achieve perfection in the Way of the Sword, Olaf’s training is extremely methodical. He worships the night sky, with the stars always perfectly aligned to be a traveller’s guide. In the heat of the fight though, he may get possessed by Wind and Fury. In this state, he struggles to tell apart friends from foes.

Olaf B.

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