Doesnt Look A Day Over 200!


Mathis is an interesting character notably taller than most Elves at 2.1 metere (6ft10in), he believes himself to be an Eladrin High Elf. Although, no one seems to be sure as he found abandoned as a baby and raised by a long since dead human couple. After their passing, Mathis began wondering the realms searching for something –he still doesn’t know what exactly. At 224 years old, Mathis is still quite young and being of the naturally inquisitive sort his current goals are more aligned with an anthropologist than anything else.

Mathis tends to take the path less travelled. It was this very case when long ago, while travelling shortly after his ‘parents’ passing, Mathis came across a village. Mathis found this village quite by accident. In fact he literally fell out of a tree, rolling down a hill, and stumbled upon “_____”. Mathis thought it odd that all the villagers were standing around one unseemly hut. Nevertheless, they all seemed so shocked to see this ‘thing’ at nearly double their height actually roll down the hill and into their village. Once Mathis finished cleaning his wardrobe, he knew why, the village was surrounded by a horde of goblins! As Mathis was coming to terms, he saw another tall figure step into the middle of the village and say a few words followed by a loud “thump” when his rather ornate staff struck the villages muddy center. When Mathis realized that everyone was silent –even the goblins, Mathis knew this tall figure had something to do with it as he had seen this freezing spell before –but never on such a large scale.

Mathis saw yet another awkward looking creature with a nice bow just begin to pick off each goblin one by one so fast that it was all Mathis could to just keep count. When the arrows stopped, a mere 32 seconds later, Mathis realized he had counted 143 arrows released by that strange figure. As Mathis looked around, he counted over 200 goblins strewn about. Mathis wanted to talk to both figures but before he could move, the villagers were also trying to find to the two unnamed men. It turns out that they appeared as suddenly as Mathis and seemingly disappeared just as fast.

Nonetheless, that event caught Mathis’ curiosity quite well and since then he has been trying to learn more about these mysterious saints and what was in that hut…

On his never-ending quest for knowledge, Mathis has acquired a nice set of combat skills. He has fought alongside some of the best men in some of the worst of times. In light of his experiences, he has always taken a more strategic approach to warfighting and favors the longbow over a sword any day.

In spite of his friendly demeanor, Mathis has failed to form truly lasting bonds with anyone. This is no doubt a product of his awkward childhood and longevity. It is in the tallest trees that he feels most at home.

It wasn’t until recently when Mathis found his closest companions… [fill in story here]


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