Dragonborn Blackguard


Personality: A quiet fella with a benevolent soul, though with certain readiness to draw his sword as soon as he feels his friends are in danger, which frequently has cost him more than a few scars.


He doesn’t know where was born, and he only remembers belonging to a clan of dragonborn families in the providence of Tymanther, which served dragons descendent of Bahamut, the king of good dragons. After serving during years as a soldier in the remainder of the Arkoshia Empire, Aldebaran was selected as a part of a troop for a special mission; To investigate the remains of an old civilization of dragons of the era of Bahamut, which was suspected to be destroyed and plunged under water in the surroundings of the sword coast. All but him perish during the mission. Aldebaran, avoiding coming back to his clan with such embarrassing failure, wandered in the sorroundings of Neverwinter until meeting Leonidas, which helped him realize that the only way of finding redemption and peace to his life would be joining his new friends in a new mission.


Here there were Dragons. slykoala Aldebaran